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Ahh, the luxury of relaxing while someone pampers you from head to toe... or the nightmare of a botched job leaving you feeling disfigured and distressed right before the big event? Before you put yourself in the hands of a Auckland beauty therapist, make sure you pick the right one!

First, know what you want to have done. Not all beauty therapists offer a full range of treatments - some specialise in certain areas. When you know what you want done (and when), start looking around for a good therapist. Ask your family and friends, look in the local papers, on the internet, read magazines, etc. Depending on what treatments you want, you'll find ads for beauty therapists in many places, even on the side of the road.

Many Auckland beauty therapists have been to a beauty school, and/or done courses in various treatments. Look for a therapist with training from a reputable organisation. If you know of a good school or organisation, perhaps contact them and ask if they have a listing of local therapists who have studied there. For those on a limited budget, you could even ask if they have trainee days where the students practise on you at a very reduced price.

Once you've found a therapist, ask them if they offer the treatment(s) you want, what they entail, and their price. Be clear exactly what you should get so you aren't left unhappy at the end. Ask if a certain amount of time is needed before the best benefits of the treatment are seen, so you can book the treatment at the appropriate time. If you visit the therapist, have a look at them - if you're there to have your nails done, do you like theirs? If you want your eyebrows shaped, are theirs nicely done? Also consider the look and feel of the salon - will you feel relaxed and happy there?

Talk with the therapist about what treatments you would like and the final result you want. A good therapist should be able to assess if the result you'd like is suitable for you, and may advise if alternatives are recommended. The therapist should warn you if there are potential side effects of the treatment, or if a certain amount of time is needed to see the desired effects. Some treatments should be done a certain amount of time before 'the big day' for your skin to settle, for instance.

Many Auckland beauty therapists will offer package deals - for example, lash and brow tinting and a brow shaping may be cheaper as a package than individually, or there may be special deals such as a hand treatment while your massage is done. It's a good idea to check these as they can offer great value.

Some treatments will require multiple visits to the Auckland therapist to achieve and/or maintain the desired result. Others are a single visit. Either way, you should be happy about your time with the therapist and the result you get.

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Choosing a Beauty Therapist

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This article was published on 2010/03/29