How to Find a Good Therapist in 4 Easy Steps

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Wondering how to find a good therapist? Then this is it for you. Whether you’re looking for grief therapy or child therapy or relationship counselling, using online therapist finders are easiest way to find a psychologist! By using them we can not only track down the nearest practicing therapist in our area, we can also find out a lot more about them than just their practice addresses. We can find out about their specialties and client focus along with other bits of information too, which comes in really handy when you are looking for specific specializations like grief therapy or child therapy from London counselling. Here’s how to find a good therapist in four easy steps using an online therapy finder, assuming you’ve already found a good one of course.

1.The first thing that you’ll probably notice the moment the therapist finder website loads up is the Google-esque search box. This is the search box where you will type in the zip code of the area you want to find a psychologist in. Once that is done and you hit enter the search results will show up showing you a list of all the therapists signed up with the website. A little note here, the size or the number of therapists listed on the website’s directory will differ according to its quality; the better the website, the more therapists listed. Some even have international listings like Melbourne therapists or London counselling. So the number of therapists your search turns back will directly depend upon how good the website is. All the more reasons to find a good one.

2.Once you’re at the results page you can browse through the therapist profiles. Ideally, you should be able to see and read their basic details like their full addresses without having to access their full profiles. This should help you single out the potential therapists you want to contact, and then you can go on to reading their full profiles to find a psychologist that you want.

3.Now we can move on to reading their full profiles. Read through their descriptions, and other things like client focus and specializations. See what they have to offer – child therapy, grief therapy, London counselling , things like that that will help you make up your mind. Some therapists also give out their consultation charges so you better check that out too if price is a matter. On a side note, some of the best websites have a drop down menu right on the results page where you can choose the specifics that you’re looking for, which completely eliminates the need to read through every therapist profiles when looking to find a psychologist .

4.Once you’ve decided on a therapist, note down the contact number and address. There should be a Google map with the office location pointed out if the website you’re at is any good. See if there are any driving directions given. Note that all down, maybe take a print out of it and you’re done.

That’s it, 4 easy steps on how to find a good therapist!

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How to Find a Good Therapist in 4 Easy Steps

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How to Find a Good Therapist in 4 Easy Steps

This article was published on 2011/12/08